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Continuous shooting

A talented photographer friend of mine recently shared that she always has her camera set to shoot continuously. Ahh, what a brilliant concept! One would think I would have learned this by now. Especially for photo shoots involving people, this makes so much sense. Sometimes it takes me a while.

I had to pull out my trusty manual because it wasn't glaringly obvious how to make this happen.

On my Canon 40D, I push the AF•DRIVE button, which is located on the top of the camera just above the status panel. Then, I rotate the dial on the back of my camera while keeping my eye on the top status panel. On the bottom right portion of the panel, five different icons appear as I scroll with my dial.

The icon below indicates single shooting. When the shutter button is pressed in this mode, a single shot will be taken.

This one indicates high-speed continuous shooting. For my camera, a maximum of 6.5 shots per second can be taken when the shutter button is pressed and held while in this mode. There is a maximum number of photos that can be taken (called a maximum burst) at a time. This number can be found on the lower right corner of your viewfinder, directly to the right of the ISO speed.

This indicates low-speed continuous shooting. For my camera, a maximum of 3 shots per second can be taken when the shutter button is pressed and held while in this mode. Again, there is a maximum burst and you can see what that number is in the viewfinder.

This is also where the self timer settings reside. This is the standard self timer setting that has a 10-second delay.

This one indicates a 2-second self-timer delay.

I am not familiar with Nikons, but I did a tiny bit of investigating and found that setting shooting modes is done much differently. It involves a lock on the main dial, which I am not qualified to speak about. Maybe somebody with this knowledge would graciously leave a comment explaining it?!

Happy shoot-shoot-shooting! It is strangely fun to hear your camera click so quickly, isn't it?

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